Sunday, July 22, 2007

triangle of strength

hard day yesterday.
tried going to the ocean and throwing lion's breath at the water
tried losing myself in bliss at the most beautiful wedding reception
tried dancing it out with the sweating throbbing tens of thousands at the daft punk show

sometimes you just have to be with ___________


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Adam said...

Blurry pictures. Just your style, with the titles that go with them.
I can smell what it must've smelled like in that arena just by viewing your shots.

I miss you.

I ran down to the ocean today and jumped in.
Then sat, watching 2 boys learning to surf with their father in the water with them, recording the moments on a waterproof camera.
What looked to be the boys' mom and sisters stood on the shore, also with cameras.
It was nice.

Lion's Breath

i kinda feel like a wandering tiger. shoulders jaunting up and down while walking.

i miss you