Sunday, May 11, 2008

four great things

[may 22nd, note: I have been waiting to post this because I wanted to upload photos from my still camera and get a girl's last name... but those things aren't happening at the moment-- so I will go ahead and post without...]

the last couple weeks have been insanely busy, potent, colorful, inspiring and fun.
A few highlights:

Mira Kingsley's "Yes is a Very Long Time" at BOOTLEG was AMAZING. My friend Pablo did the lighting which was incredible in both the epic rock-show moments AND the intimate, moody, quiet moments. Mira and Sibyl O'Malley created the piece together based on the true-life event of when an asteroid landed in a family's 2nd guest bathroom in Freehold, New Jersey a couple of years back.
Shooting a film with Winsome Brown and Ken Roht on a Bolex in the most unique gallery in Highland Park. The film is called The Complete Victrola Sessions and I am the dancer in the 'Opium Den Back Room' scenes. The film is set around the turn-of-the-century and besides getting to work with Ken and Winsome it was great fun to work with Sissy Boyd, O-Lan Jones, and Rebecca ________ (insert last name here) ...
The Huntington Gardens outside LA but close. Desert cacti, Japanese gardens, roses, lush English lawns perfect for catch... and it is always fun to do something in the city where you live that normally only tourists do or you would do if you were visiting from another faraway place.

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