Tuesday, July 22, 2008

pouring pride

It is a rainy afternoon in the Berkshires and I just finished sewing my snow bag
(almost every show I have put together since, oh, Moriah and my birthday's in 1986 or so have had snow scenes in them, I grew up on The Nutcracker-- what can I say?)
I have a moment to look out the window and take it all in and I am filled with so much pride and happiness.
I have had this same feeling several times in the past couple months. A feeling like in some way the universe in converging in a good way for some of the extraordinarily talented people I know and they are pouring forth their gifts and the universe is RECEIVING them most graciously and with smiles on everyone's faces. I am really really proud of all the hard work these people I know have been putting in, and I have recognized their talents for a long time, and it is a damn good feeling when good things happen to good people. It gives me hope and renews my faith and it is fun to have really successful friends too. Because they are doing what they love and they are happy. Which makes me happy.

Here's a little ditty:
Yay for Alex T. & Sara B. & Beau W. & Sam G.
& Erica R. & Tom F. & Emily R. & Emily C.
Yay for Adam H., Jimmi S. & my old babysitter Brendan
making a ruckus in Wellfleet Harbor
also for Sara-had-a-little Lamb
way across the pond in London-tam...

horrible. I know. Well, it's the thought that counts. Right?

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