Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a love letter to the here and now

sitting on an adirondack chair in the middle of a field in williamstown, massachusetts-- I feel so lucky for the past two months.
thank you and big ups to:
Alex T., Lee E., Erin K., Vanessa C. Katie F., Darren G., Matt McG., Kate B., Darrell H., Bryce P., Caroline K., Arla B., Matt McC., Kerry M., Stacey B., Sam F. & Sam G., Amy H., Stephen S., Justin W., Emily R., Nikki, Kristy H., Beau W., Andrea S., Portia K., Aya C., Rosemarie DeW., Stephen K., Mano F., Joe T., Cary D., Ethan H., Hondo W.-R., Jason McD.-G, and Rebecca S., Emily K. and Reed W., Amanda C. and Amy K., Morgan R. and Charlotte too, Heather R., Joey A., Ariel J., Elizabeth B., Becca L., Torie G., Jake, Chris K., Michael F. and Michael G., Peter M., and Roberta M. ...
and all the other apprentices for working so hard and making all the magic happen all summer...
I am moved by all of you.

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