Saturday, September 6, 2008

say yes to great adventures

What a glorious 24 hours.
It was almost like a dream-- at each turn it felt too good to be true, too fun to be real, ... the light on the water, the other people... it was all rather magnificent. Again on this theme: "Adrienne's Extremely Lucky and Magical Summer."

I had three real mates in the adventures on the past day. For me, having someone to share the adventure with is key. I certainly embrace potential adventures solo, but there are parts of the past 24-hours that couldn't have been, or shouldn't have been, if I were just flying solo.

First, Great Pond. Couldn't have a better name. The water is crystal clear, the sun was shining and the sky was blue, my friend Jonathan and I had some great talking and swimming; it was a perfect afternoon.

Next, my friend Lauren 'Jalapeno' (names changed to protect the faint of heart as she plans to run for President in 2040 and I am 'on the charge' rest assured) arrives in town and we have a lovely snack and walk on the beach. She comes to see the play I'm in, the performance goes swimmingly and the audience laughs plentifully... we meet some audience members, and head over to the bar across the way for some fairly competitive foosball tournies. Lauren and I improve considerably but we started at a pretty meek level. We are getting on with our new friends, fellow actors but also LOCALS, (one of whom I am pretty sure I know from somewhere and sure enough, four hours later-- we figure out we have a mutual mentor/guru figure), and we head to Ptown for some dinner and music. Bubala's is an excellent restaurant, the great Lois Smith is eating alongside us, and across the street is Enzo-- a restaurant and piano bar. I ate at Enzo once and loved it and a few weeks back the New Yorker had a sidebar profile of a guy named Billy who looks a bit like Andy Warhol and sings and plays a spirited tune and piqued my curiosity. Lucky again, it was his last night on the bench.
He was absolutely incredible. The kind of performer the like of which you might be lucky enough to see once or twice in your life, and in such a small venue, crowded with a colorful, raucous but tender crowd, a Czech bachelorette barty, lots of drag queens, young and old people... really special. Billy sang songs about Palin and McCain and Obama and his mother... and sang-talked about how the end of summer means saying goodbye to amazing people you met that you now love that you very well might never see again... and he sang Amazing Grace. The last song had the refrain 'life will go on' and that was my favorite one of all. It had lines something like 'all your friends might get AIDS and Herpes and Chlamydia and Arthritis and become junkies and die and you might go to more funerals than you have ever imagined but... life will go on" but it was ultimately a happy and hopeful song. We watched and we drank and we swayed and met people and it was really extremely LIVELY.
Then, with all that vim and vigor in our hearts and our livers we weren't ready to call it a night so we set off for a pond. We circled round the Monument and met up with some other new friends and headed towards another great pond down a very long unmarked dirt road and after we parked and the car lights died down it was pitch black. We walked barefoot and arms linked for about 10 minutes in total darkness and then we threw off our clothes and dove into the water. It felt exhilarating. The sky was ominously cloudy and the locals who do this sort of thing regularly said it was the darkest night of the whole summer. We swam and splashed around for a bit and listened to the silence and dried off without even a single towel and made our way back to the car over many roots and boughs just as it started to rain. The beginnings of the hurricane blew in just as we got dropped off back at the house for a warm shower and sleepover.
This morning I woke up with vivid memories of Sophia Coppola initiating a gchat with me, she had mentioned her dad was visitng, I said, "F.F.?" ... She said, "Yep." I told her my dad was also visiting me. I had also been flying planes onto aircraft carriers in my dream so I woke up pretty exhausted.
Jalapeno and I set out for caffeine and she got on her way and I met up with my dad for a marvelous breakfast. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmm eggs. The Wicked Oyster is one of the Top Breakfast Spots in my entire life experience.
After a leisurely meal we headed for Ptown and meandered around, walking out on the jetty by the salt marsh and driving around the very end of Massachusetts. Such beautiful dunes and birch forests and green and great conversation and it just doesn't get much better than this I don't think.

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