Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have a new home- for two months anyway, and I feel like I'm living in a treehouse. I moved my bed to be horizontal along the window (trying to de-accentuate the long and narrow nature of the room) and when I look out I see lots and lots of trees, the greenest grass, a sculpture on the grass (Lousie Bourgeois?), the green mountains in the distance, and Degas' dancer on a sign for the Clark Art Museum. The Clark is one of my favorite museums and it also has the most extraordinary hilly, woods-y trails out back that are ideal for summer running.
The trees remind me of Michael Greif's production of The Three Sisters that I worked on last time I was here (2008) and I believe I was in this very same room when I spent the summer here in 1999. My room was right about Charlie Day's room and I much-enjoyed coming up the stairwell every night and seeing him sitting (shirtless) on his bed playing his guitar. I was a teenage girl and he was playing music-- what can I say?
It's been a hectic but incredible past several months. I've launched a new company-- with the name taken from this very blog-- and mounted a full production of Steven Levenson's Seven Minutes in Heaven-- a play we first conceived of together less than 15 months ago! All the reviews are in, and they are marvelous (check out to read them). And I couldn't be more proud of the show, the designers and crew, the cast, Steven, and myself. The best collaboration I've ever had. And we still have 5 more shows!!!! (Go to for tickets)
Anyway, here is the physical view from from here.

As far as the mental view: Amanda Charlton (the fearless leader of the Williamstown Theater Festival Workshop) put it so well last night when she emphasized how special and rare this time is. For two months, I get to be ONLY a director. I don't have to be a tutor, or a girlfriend, or a receptionist, or a babysitter, or a perfect daughter, or ANYTHING else. I am so excited. I love being a girlfriend and a daughter, and sometimes I even love tutoring-- but for the next two months-- it's all about the pursuit of art/entertainment. How very special.

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