Wednesday, April 25, 2007

first beginning

I named this after an imaginary friend of my sister's. The friend was named "Blue Car" and "Blue Car" had a baby named "Asa." I remember, when I was barely old enough to remember, or maybe I remember because it is a story that has been told to me, one particular story of Blue Car. My family was travelling on an airplane to California, where my grandmother lived. My sister and I were both a little nervous about flying, but also excited. We were probably shaking in our boots. My sister told my mother and I that Blue Car would be running along underneath the airplane, on the ground below us. We should look for her, she told us. She would be carrying her baby Asa along with her. I think I thought I saw her all the way across the country. I think what I saw was the airplane's shadow on the ground, but it was clearly Blue Car and Asa at the time.

I love this story. It is a true story. As least so much as the things you remember are mostly, or at least personally, true.

I named my blog this because I would like to embrace this sort of imaginativeness in my life, and carry it here, to share with you. And also, I live in Los Angeles now, land of the automobile, and I feel, somedays especially, the adventures have changed since I got into the car. Before, I lived in NY you see, and there it comes a little easier for us serendipity-disposed adventure-seekers. [Not to say the NYC life is easy-- not saying that at all.] I am on the lookout now for Blue Car everywhere, and all that she represents to me.

And don't you think it's funny, that Blue Car is not a car at all? But instead, a dedicated friend, a long-distance runner, and a mother with child!...

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