Thursday, February 21, 2008


here's a crazy tidbit for you to chew on, ...
if Kurt Cobain were still alive he would have been 41 yesterday. I know now that 41 is not OLD. But this is still hard for me to believe.

I watched Julie Taymor's epic Across the Universe a couple of days ago and it got me very excited for many different reasons. I hope that a lot of young kids/teenagers see it and learn about the Beatles, and the Vietnam war, and standing up for what you believe in, AND get ideas for REALLY awesome and completely original movement/choreography that is not overtly sexual or stripper-esque, (which I feel like the majority of what they are exposed to is), and also get ideas about believing in SOMETHING. Heroes. And it made me think about who my heroes are. I have quite a few. And they inspire and motivate and keep me going forward and hopeful almost every day. Not that I don't keep going everyday, just that some days I probably don't think about them as much. Which is okay too.
Who are your heroes?

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