Monday, March 3, 2008

leap boy!

well, there is a new man in my life. He is twenty inches long and he made an Auntie out of me and he was born on the most special, truly most rare day of the year.
I came across these blogs, thank you Erica, and they make for lovely and amazing thoughts.
the first one makes me think of the many wonderful boys/men I have known in my life, how there is a little bit of a pirate spirit in many of them... not scary or violent pirates, but adventurous and full of romantic notions and wildly original. I still gotta see Pirates of the Caribbean but I'm thinking the Johnny Depp character, Jack Sparrow, is sort of a good prototype. Swaggering and unpredictable but loyal and with a heart of gold. And this blog is full of great pictures and clever quips and I don't think it's just for boys.

this next one is by the same author but tackles or just sorta ruminates on questions of a slightly weightier sort. I wish he could go head to head with Hillary and Barack and raise these weaknesses of the euphemized-to-death 'universal healthcare' agenda... I am not big on going to the doctor for a cough or cold, but I think realize that even as I am in one of the lowest income-brackets I am still in the catbird seat when it comes to taking my health and access etc for granted, especially as I don't have a family of my own to worry about.

I especially like the postings froms February 28th and 29th. And crazily enough, this writer man is from a small little town outside Boston that I have spent a lot of time. Small world.

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